Hi, I am Mike Reiche

Mike Reiche

Software Architect at T-Systems MMS

I am a passionate Software Architect with 20+ years of working experience. I write rock solid tools and frameworks for developers in highly frequently used projects. I am a protectionist of Clean Code, SOLID and KISS principles. I believe in the power of Open Source and the ideology of a both economical as well ecological sustainable world.



Frameworks & Microservices

I’m familiar in writing enterprise web and eCommerce services in Java, Golang, PHP with interprocess communication based on Restful or gRPC backends, third-party payment and identification providers.

To achieve: Getting more into GraphQL and Kotlin.

Frontend Web Development

I’ve seen many frameworks come and go over the years, but Microsoft did a great job with Typescript, that brings all the features back we used to. I’m currently working with my beloved aurelia.io integrated with Bootstrap or Material.

To achieve: Write a fully integrated Progressive Web App.

Mobile & Responsive

Responsiveness is more than screen sizes. It’s about the whole fluid user experience like connectivity, input devices and user interface guidelines. I developed Android and iOS apps including notifications and InApp purchases with thousands of users.

Availability & Reliablity

No one wants to use slow and slabby software. Performance is key for a great user experience. That’s why I’m focusing on Clean Code and fast reliable software that never goes down.

Multimedia & Games

I used to code games and multimedia features for websites using Flash back in the days. I also developed interactive and AR presentations for exhibitions using Voforia. Currently I’m working on several ideas with the awesome Godot game engine.

To achieve: I want to develop more games.

Security & Privacy

Developing secure software is still a hard thing, especially when it comes to micro web services. My knowledge about OWASP and GDPR compliances helps to improve the awareness about this topic.

To achieve: Integrate or develop a global SSO services for the masses.


I’m experienced with several build tools and pipelines like Jenkins and Gitlab. Git adopter since 2005 and I managed the challenging migration of ~100 repositories from Subversion together with my whole team into multistaged builds.

To achieve: More GitHub integration.

Testing & QA

Unit testing is a must and user acceptance tests should be present in any serious project. I’m certified at the ISTQB foundation level and working with Selenium based test automation frameworks.

Containerization & Orchestration

I fell in love with Docker containers on first touch. Capable of deploying, managing applications on Kubernetes with HELM 3.

To achieve: Deploy cloud services on AWS or GCP.


I used Linux many years as my main operating system and managed ~50 dedicated servers in shared public environments with web and mail services. Today I use PaaS and another famous POSIX compliant OS on my machine.

Big Data

I’m capable of managing MongoDB and MariaDB services in cluster setups. I also gained some experience with Apache Spark and Hadoop in private projects.

To achieve: Getting more into machine learning in a private project.


These are not my favourite programming languages, but I have some skills in C/C++, Perl, Qt, Gtk, WxWidgets, Bash - waiting to be reactivated…

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